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Section A: Company Information







Section B: Booth Reservation: (Please note: Booth fees do not include tables/chairs. Show decorator will provide order form.)



Section C: Additional Items: (Please note: Booth fees do not include tables/chairs. Show decorator will provide order form.)

Office Use Only
Received by:______________________
Approved by:_ ____________________

Section D: Discounts:
 Early Bird Discount: 10% off booth fee if payment is received by June 1, 2018 : -$______
 Multi-show Discount: $25 off booth fee (other contracts submitted): -$_____
Section Total: $  

Payment Options
Section B _______ + Section C _______ - Section D _______ = Total Payment Due $ _________
 Late fee: 10% of total booth cost ______
 Check enclosed (Payable to Great Iowa Pet Expo)
 Charge to Credit Card (Amount $________) 3% Processing fee added to Credit Card Charges (MC, VISA, AMEX)
Credit Card_________________________________ Exp Date:______________________________ Sec Code: ______________________
Name on Card:_____________________________________________ Billing Zip_____________________________________________

Great Iowa Pet Expo - P.O. Box 292 - Adel, Iowa 50003 - Tessa 515.777.8801 - Cathy 515.778.4762
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If the terms of booth payment as set forth on this contract are not met, the rights of exhibitor to the space shall cease and terminate. Space can be reassigned--no refunds will be made. Upon cancellation of space, up to three months prior to show opening, 2/3 payment will be refunded. From three months to 46 days before opening, 1/2 will be refunded. During the last 45 days before show opening, no refunds will be made for any reason. 2. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS Exhibitor agrees to obey all laws, ordinances and regulations governing
the use of IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS and to abide by the rules and regulations of the City Fire and Police Departments, and such other public officials whose duties may regulate exhibits. All decorative materials used in displays must meet the flame-proofing regulations of the Fire Department. No tacks, nails or screws may be driven into the walls or floors of IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS. No tape, adhesives or pressure-sensitive stickers may be placed on IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS walls or pillars. No signs may be taped to walls. No sticker, pressure adhesive, etc., or helium balloons may be distributed. The playing, performing or other use of any copyrighted music in television or radio transmission, video-tape, audiovisual material, or
any other work, whether live or recorded, by exhibitor or agents, representatives or employees is expressly prohibited. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS and Projects by Cathy Erickson (and their respective officers, directors, owners, employees, insurers, agents, representatives and assigns) against any and all claims and costs of defense, or fees paid by Projects by Cathy Erickson arising from any unauthorized use of any work by exhibitor or any of its agents, representatives or employees. Exhibitors cannot distribute food, including popcorn and beverages in IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS unless approval has been obtained from GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management. Failure to comply with any show regulations may result in exhibitor not being invited to participate in future shows.

The GREAT IOWA PET EXPO will provide an exhibitor identification sign and number for each exhibit space and where applicable 8-foot back drapes and 3-foot side drapes. Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view nor hide the exhibits of others. No signs, apparatus, construction, etc. may extend more than 8 feet above the floor in the exhibitor booth space. The exhibit may extend forward four feet from the rear wall at the 8-foot height, but further extension must be limited to a 3-foot height. Deviations from the 8 x 3 regulations as outlined above may be permitted with GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management approval in cases where exhibit space constitutes a 4-booth (or more) island. With prior approval of GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management, exhibitors with a 4-booth (or more) island may hang a banner/sign with company name and/or logo to a maximum height of 16 feet. The banner/ sign may not be used to advertise sales, products or services and must be set away from the back of the booth at a distance equal to at least 25% of the booth width. The Exhibitor must finish or drape the back of unfinished or unsightly structures at his/her own expense. All tables must be professionally skirted. Exhibitors obtain electricity, gas, water and special cleaning service for their booths at
their expense.

Nothing may be stored behind back wall drapes. All aisles must be kept clear. Interviews, demonstrations and distribution of literature must be done inside the exhibitor booth space. Aisles will be cleaned each day by IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS personnel. Exhibitors must keep their own booth space clean and vacuumed. Exhibits must be attended during all show hours. No loud speakers will be allowed on the exhibit floor. Small sound amplification systems may be used, but the sound must be inoffensive to neighboring exhibitors. The exhibitor may not assign this contract nor permit any other company to share his/her exhibit space without written permission from GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management. No company can exhibit, pass out literature or put up a sign unless he has a contract for space with the GREAT IOWA PET EXPO. Exhibitors must conduct all business in- side their exhibit space. Standing in aisles to solicit customers or walking throughout the Show is strictly prohibited.

5. FUNCTIONS. It is understood that Projects by Cathy Erickson is merely performing the function of obtaining a location for and promoting the GREAT IOWA PET EXPO. Neither Projects by Cathy Erickson, nor any of its agents or employees has made any representations to the Exhibitor beyond those specifically contained in this Contract. All activities carried on by the Exhibitor or any other party during the course of the Expo which are not otherwise restricted by this Contract shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Advertisement, exhibit, or promotion may include prices but shall not make price comparisons with competitive products.

The GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management reserves the right to reject any applicant for space at any time and reserves the right to regain possession of any space by refunding to the applicant or exhibitor the amount he/she has paid for said space.

The GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management reserves the right to make such booth changes as it deems necessary for the good of the show.

Show Management shall have sole control over admission policies.


Exhibitor is held responsible to insure his/her own exhibit, personnel, display and materials from any damage or loss through theft, fire, accident or other cause. Exhibitor is charged to maintain liability insurance with respect to both property damage and personal injury, doing business with companies of sound responsibility authorized to do business in the state of IN. Insurance certificate must be provided or Liability Waiver signed. Security guards will be on hand during the show and move-in and move-out periods, and GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management and IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS personnel will take reasonable precautions to safeguard exhibitor property; however, neither GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management nor IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS will assume liability for loss or damage, through any cause, of equipment, products, goods, exhibits or other materials owned, rented or leased by exhibitor. The exhibitor shall indemnify Projects by Cathy Erickson, GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management and IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS, and hold them harmless from any complaints, suits or liabilities resulting from negligence of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitors use of exhibit space. Exhibitors are responsible for damage they cause to IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS walls and floors, including labor charges to remove stains and adhesives from the walls or floors. Exhibitors will be billed for such damage with the dollar amount determined by IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS.

11. DISPUTES. Projects by Cathy Erickson shall be the final arbiter of disputes between Exhibitors and/or concessionaires.

12. EXHIBITS WITH ANIMALS. Any exhibitor displaying animals must have all licenses, permits and vaccinations required by City, State or Federal government bodies with jurisdiction over the display, care and handling of such animals. The Expo reserves the right to approve any animal or the display of any animal at the Expo. Any animal that the Expo or its agents deem unhealthy, not cared for, too dangerous or in any  other way not satisfactory for display at the Expo must be immediately removed from the Expo by the Exhibitor upon notification. No animals
may be sold. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of pet waste, food and other related materials to the approved waste receptacles.

If IOWA STATE FAIRGROUNDS should be destroyed by fire or if a strike makes it impossible for GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management to permit an exhibitor to occupy the premises, the exhibitor shall pay for  the space only for the period in which the space was occupied. Projects by Cathy Erickson is released from any and all claims which might arise in consequence thereof. If any other event or circumstance not caused by GREAT IOWA PET EXPO management prevents an exhibitor from erecting or staffing his exhibit for all or any part of the show period, the
contractual responsibility between the exhibitor and Projects by Cathy Erickson shall be considered to be satisfied and there shall be no refund to the exhibitor. 2019 CE Enterprises

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